IPTV Reseller Billing Panel

A one stop shop for turn key Reseller Automation.
Account creation, renewal, termination for:


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More Panels

We support any number of Panels!

Packages are automatically synced from that account making Product Provisioning a breeze!

Less Problems

You’re used to a basic module and we know that!

That’s why we built this module ground up. With failsafes like Username checks and ability to add, renew, terminate, allow for customer password and MAC address changes, and much more!

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More Features

We listen to our customers! We have built and continue to build everything you need to run a fully automated business


  1. Email templates
  2. Embedded Web Player
  3. Ability for users to edit their credentials

Do I need a server to use this?

No, you don’t need any technical experience or a server to get started!

Can I try the module?

Join our Telegram group and we will get you setup.

How do I contact support?

We offer full 24/7 support via Telegram
We do not Host Any Copyright Content. Our module automates the provisioning of hosting accounts for the Live Stream Management Panel Xtream UI, and works with WHMCS.